Take Note

I am extremely picky when it comes to cards, and must admit, I take a lot of pride in the ones I send. I probably average about 30 minutes in the card aisle per visit to Papyrus, Kate's Paperie or Target, opening each and every one that looks decent until I find the perfect (non-cheesy) message.  I genuinely love giving personal, handwritten notes to the people I love. Whether it's Grant, family or friends, I always like to let them know how much I care and how incredible I think they are (in the chicest possible way, of course!)

A few cards/notes that I am currently loving are:
{Sweet Nothing notes}

{Colorful Pantone note cards}
{Polaroid note cards}
{Kate Spade 'All Occasion' notes (so organized!)}

{Kate Spade stationary (all of it!)}
{New York themed stationary}

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