Hello Housewives (of New York)

Last night I attended Life&Style's song and video release party for LuAnn (aka 'The Countess' on The Housewives of New York). While I don't watch the show regularly, the evening was quite entertaining as each housewife showed up one by one, looking surprisingly better than expected (but still a little plastic for my liking). My co-worker, Emily, said it best! "Moral of the story: leave the plastic for the Amex, not the surgery."

Here are a few highlights for all of you reality TV lovers!


Loving Lately

Since the day I started my blog, I treat it as though it is my own mini-mag, and I am the editor-in-chief, of course:) It's become such a passion of mine, and I put an enormous amount of thought and energy into each post. After working for a few magazines, I have learned how important consistency is when it comes to branding yourself and keeping your fans coming back for more. With that said, I am planning on creating weekly features that you will become familiar with and can expect to see on a regular basis. My first will be entitled, Loving Lately. This post will consist of a compilation of photos and descriptions of my favorite picks of the week - from beauty and fashion finds to restaurants, events, music, decor and more - I will touch on a little bit of everything I am loving at the moment.

A few things I am loving lately...

Red Bulls Games!
{I recently went with 8 of my friends and we sat in section 102 (aka the CRAZY fan section). We entered the stadium with cleans faces and left with war paint on, waving enormous flags, chanting 'we believe that we will win' and following a procession of drums out (no exaggeration!) By far the most eventful sporting event I have ever attended (and the least expensive in the New York area). Purchase tickets here!}

Pink Berry's Sweet Caramel
{For anyone who knows my obsession with Coldstone's cake batter, I think this just may be my new favorite (and less calorie, thank God!) treat. Trust my word, I know good ice cream when I taste it!}

Relator by Scarlett Johansson and Pete Yorn
{Who knew Scarlett sings...and is really good! Love this song (thanks Kait!)}

My Clarisonic MIA
{I had read about this beauty must-have in every magazine I picked up and heard friends that say they swear by it, so naturally, I had to see for myself. All I have to say is WOW! It is my savior through these hot, humid months and keeps my skin smooth and vibrant! You can get it here in your favorite color.}

Michael Kors for Marriage Equality Window Display
{I was walking in the West Village just after the gay marriage bill was passed (yay!) and came across wedding cakes topped with same sex couples in Micheal Kors windows. Love this and love that same sex marriage is legalized in New York! Today, I am proud to be a New Yorker!}


SUP into Summer

I was first introduced to Stand Up Paddling a year ago in Hawaii. While I had seen photos of a whole array of celebrities sampling the sport in the pages of a magazine, I was not very familiar with this form of surfing. I grew up with a dad and brother who surf all year round, and while I have attempted it a handful of times, I find it a bit intimidating to be way out in the ocean trying to catch a wave without hitting one of the surfer 'dudes' (or my bikini flying off!) Enter SUP!

After my first experience on a SUP, I became an instant fan. Stand Up Paddling is easier to learn and within an hour you can become very comfortable. Waves or not, you can enjoy this exercise on any body of water.

Grant and I are huge advocates of this modern sport and are out on the water every chance we get. Look out New Yorker's! You just may spot Grant SUPing on the Hudson at 6 a.m. Why? On August 12th, he will be embarking on a 26.5 mile Stand Up Paddle around the island of Manhattan to help raise money and awareness for autism. If you would like to join forces with him and participate in the fundraising efforts, please click on the link below. We are so thankful for your support!


Check us out SUPing it up!
{Tuckertown Pond, RI}
{Check out my inflatable SUP (Thanks Erik!)}
{SUP couple}
{Grant getting a tan!} 
{Stand Up Paddle yoga}
{Beachin' it mid SUP}
{Deep Hole, RI}
{Ocean SUP}
{Attempting to catch a very small wave - still fell!}
{Stand Up Paddle surfing}
{Tired after a long days SUP}
{Greenport, Long Island}


The Small Things

This past weekend I was home in The Ocean State (Rhode Island to those of you who haven't seen our wave-themed license plates) to celebrate Father's Day with my amazing dad! Throughout the years, my dad has taught me so many valuable life lessons and for that I am truly thankful. One of the many qualities about my dad that never ceases to amaze me is his true, genuine appreciation (or should I say uncanny excitement) for the little things in life. Whether it is a flower that just bloomed, a hummingbird that passed him by, or a great wave that he caught surfing, it's the small moments that make him smile. He leads a simple life, focuses his energy on simple pleasures and is one of the happiest people I know. TAKE NOTE EVERYONE! While we often times let these moments pass us by because life is just too busy or too stressful (trust me - I am guilty of this on many occasions), I encourage you to think of my dad, take a step back from your own chaos and appreciate what is right in front of you. 

We celebrated Father's Day Strickmon-style! Here's to some of the little things that my dad loves and we enjoyed together over the weekend.

{Family (this pic is of my dad and I years ago)}
{Painting in the backyard}
{Homemade Guacamole and a delicious Caipirinha - word is that this Brazilian specialty will be the official drink of the 2014 World Cup! Check out how to make this sweet summer cocktail here!}
{Playing guitar}


Fashion Face-Off

It's the most talked about, long-standing rivalry in Hollywood, and if you think it's is old news, think again! The competition continues between Jen and Angie, who are the fresh new faces of  two of the fashion world's iconic brands, Marie Claire and Louis Vuitton (is it obvious I work for a celeb weekly magazine?!) Here are my thoughts:

These photos are fun, flirty and I am about to go chop off my hair and add highlights! As always, Jen graces the pages of Marie Claire with charm and her cali girl-next-door good looks.

Staying true to her world-traveler ways, Angie is the new face of Louis Vuitton's
Core Value's campaign. Effortlessly stunning (per usual), this photo is a bit more serious, but further enhances my desire to travel to small countries and villages across the globe.

When push comes to shove, I vote TEAM JEN (this time around at least!)

What are your thoughts?


Party Like A Rock Star!

As most of you know, I am the Marketing & Promotion Manager for In Touch + Life&Style magazines. My day to day is consumed with anything and everything celebrity (and yes - I know more than I should about Snooki!) To all of my celeb-adoring friends, this is your chance to party with Hollywood A-Listers at In Touch’s ICONS+IDOLS event this August in LA! With a star-studded red carpet, you will have an opportunity to rub elbows with your favorite celebrities and music’s hottest stars!


Here are a few highlights from last year!

 {In Touch Marketing Team}
{Sofia Vergara - Modern Family}
 {The Situation - Jersey Shore}
 {Pete Wentz}
 {Mark Salling - Glee}
 {Gavin DeGraw}
 {Lo Bosworth + Stephane Pratt - The Hills}
 {Maria Menounos + In Touch, Editor in Chief, Michelle Lee}
 {Dane Cook + Craig Robinson}
 {Audrina + The Situation}
 {Penn Badgley}


Best of Black and White

There is something about black and white photography that makes a picture slightly more interesting and in my opinion, exudes a true form of elegance. Maybe these feelings are derived from memories of developing my own film in a darkroom in high school (can anyone even remember the non-digital days?!), and that feeling of anticipation, waiting to for those captured moments in time to appear before your eyes. Whatever the reason may be, I believe black and white photos have the ability to reveal pure emotion without much distraction and tend take on a personality of their own.

People are my favorite subjects (strangers, family, friends, children, etc.), so I have compiled some photos that I feel resemble the epitome of glamour, each in their own, unique way. Take a look!