Model Envy

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how chic Miranda Kerr looks when casually taking a stroll in NYC. Yes, she has a stylist and yes, she is a super model,  but her sexy-with-a-splash-of-sophistication style and natural beauty is flawless. #modelenvy


A Blank Canvas

Last week I attended an incredibly inspiring event at Patagonia Soho where Mercedes Maidana, a professional big wave surfer who resides on the North Shore of Hawaii, spoke about her rise to success. Her passion and determination was contagious and she lit up the room with her excitement for the sport and more importantly, for life.

Her journey began at 21 when she asked herself, "If my life was a blank canvas and I could paint a picture, what would it be?" Despite the fact that it was an unconventional career path and many raised eyebrows, she chose big wave surfing. Why? "I have to love it more than I fear it."

What words! It made me think.

What would I paint if my life was a blank canvas? If I could let my passions 100% lead me without my fears getting in the way and ignore society rolling their eyes at me, what would I do with my life? 

I thought….and I thought…and I thought….and I thought and I realized that I JUST DON'T KNOW! (new goal = figure it out)

It's not often that people choose to live the life they want rather the life they have been raised to think that they should want (and don't forget, it is your choice and your journey!) 

So, how would you paint your picture?


31 years, 13 reasons

Happy 31st wedding anniversary to my wonderful parents (a day late!) It's incredible that my parents are still married – better yet, happily married — and even better, one of the most in love couples I know (young and old).

With divorce rate (very sadly) at 50%, their love story is one in a million and I am lucky to be such a significant part of their journey.

In celebration of their love for one another, I have listed 13 things in their 31 years that I have witnessed as being key to their happy, long lasting relationship. Take a look (and take note!)

1.  Love that lights up room (their chemistry is contagious)
2.  Respect (they are each others biggest fans)
3.  Laughter (they find humor throughout all of life's challenges)
4.  Romance (my dad writes my moms poems)
5.  Best friends (they are each others confidants)
6.  Let the little things go (they focus their energy on the important matters)
7.  Simple pleasures (they get joy out of the small things, like their "fireside chats")
8.  Adventure (they love to travel and open their minds to new cultures and experiences)
9.  Music (my dad plays the guitar - enough said)
10. Smart (they keep up on the news and politics and discuss what's going on the world)
11. Family (it's what they cherish most)
12. Money doesn't buy happiness (my mom doesn't have a diamond ring — and doesn't care)
13. Independence (they are independently successful, both with great careers and friends)

Love you guys!


Like oldest, like youngest

As some of you are aware, I am the oldest of 22 cousins. It's definitely a special role to have in a large family and comes with a certain kind of responsibility. It's me who paves the way for the rest of the crew. The first to go to parties in high school, the first to go to the prom, the first to go to college, the first to get an internship, the first to get a real job (and the list goes on...)

You never really know how your decisions and life choices are effecting your younger siblings and cousins, but when I received this photo of my youngest cousin Mae (at 5 years old), I couldn't help but smile.

Like oldest, like youngest.


Cheers to 3 Years

Maine - July 4, 2009

It's been 3 years since our conversations went like this:

Email from Grant in 2009

Every day since has been REALLY, REALLY, REALLY amazing and filled with more laughter, happiness and silliness than I could have dreamed I could find with one person.

Happy 3 years to my favorite person in the world and best friend.


Baby Got Back

I couldn't help but post about this dress that I wore to a friends wedding in VT this past weekend. I have never received so many compliments and questions about where I got it, so I decided to share with you all. It was the perfect mix of chic, sexy and comfortable. I don't tend to gravitate towards this cobalt blue color, but it is a great shade for summer (and per our Lucky editors - the must-have color of the fall season). Take note, girls!


Pop of Pink & Prints

This summer, I am completely taken with bright pinks and prints. The laid-back beach chic look is comfortable and cute for any occasion - even for work (if styled appropriately, of course). Take a look at some of my seasonal style inspiration! 


Picnic Paradise

Happy International Picnic Day! Now this is one fun holiday that I just discovered existed a few hours ago—thank you Elle Decor. While I pride myself in pretty presentations and attempted to create a surprise outdoor oasis for Grant's birthday at the park in Hoboken (see below), I have yet to design a picnic paradise like the ones below (adding it to my to-do list!)

Inspired by this whimsical (and I think very necessary) holiday, check out some chic picnic ideas for summer.

{My (embarrassing) attempt at a surprise picnic in Hoboken}


Words of the Weekend

In my opinion (and experience) this is the true road to a fulfilling and successful existence. Have a "curious" weekend everyone! 


Birthday Blessings

Every year on my birthday, I am always blown away by the overwhelming amount of loving messages I receive from family and friends. This year was no different and in fact, it was one of my best birthdays yet! For all of the people who made it so special (you know who you are), I thank you. 

Here are a few (extremely appreciated) birthday tokens that I couldn't help but share, including a touching poem from the ever-so-talented, one-of-a-kind, Meg Chappell. 

At my Mexican-themed birthday party (a long time ago!)

There once was a girl named Kelsey,
who shared a positive outlook on life.
With her flowy dresses and spunky blog,
she used pinterest to play pretend "wife"!
With a sweet tooth the size of China
And a heart as real as the sky;
She cherishes her family and friends
and likes to "SUP" with her charming guy!
Passionate, genuine and ambitious
are just some words that come to mind;
and when speaking of interior decor,
there's no better girl to find.
As she celebrates her 27th year
with a vivacious spirit and warm embrace,
I am excited to be along for the road
as she encounters this year's journey with grace!

I love everything about this card!

My very own, very cool, Stand Up Paddle Board!

Beautiful turquoise earrings!

Surprise birthday wishes from Lucky Magazine!


Vanity Fair NYC Summer Guide

And (drum roll...), they're back in business! Enjoy this all-encompassing guide to a great NYC summer, courtesy of Vanity Fair (or shall I say some VERY hard working intern who just got her life back). 

Vanity Fair NYC Summer Guide

Happy weekend!


Coasting through Cali

Okay, I lied (which, by the way, I am very bad at!). While I promised there would be great posts last week, my crazy schedule got the best of me. I have so much content in my "inspiration" notebook that I am dying to share, but time these days is of the essence, so let's jump right!

Grant and I recently spent a week "bopping" around Southern California (bopping - the word I frequently, and border-line annoyingly, referred to every time we drove to a new place). Pit stops included Manhattan Beach, Hermosa, Santa Monica, Newport Beach, Laguna, San Clemente, Cardiff by the Sea, La Jolla, Pacific Beach (and more). Every town was unique, every town was charming and every town had character, but all-in-all let me paint a picture of what every town had (and what we may just need a little bit, or a lot, more of out east): BEACH, BLONDE, TAN, SURF, SALT, FISH TACOS, ACAI BOWLS, SUNSETS, BREAKFAST BURRITOS, BOARDWALKS, BEACH CRUISERS, VOLKSWAGON VANS, SUN, SAND, AND SMILES.

Pretty nice, huh? There is a reason people move to California and after a week of "bopping" around I completely understand the appeal. Take a look for yourself here (and via an expanded album on Facebook):


It's Friday, Friday, Friday!

Between a week away and a new job, I have had limited time to post and the amazing content I have to share is piling up. Don't fret! I have some fun things in store for next week. Until then...have a great weekend! 


California Dreamin

Our trip to Southern California (which consists of renting a jeep and hopping around from small surf town to small surf town) is less than 24 hours away and I couldn't be more excited! In anticipation of my departure, I wanted to share this Matt Jones photo shoot for Elle Spain that is fun, playful and (to me) represents the ultimate California Girl.

Sun, sand and surf  - I'm headed West!