Girl Gotta Gets

Featured in the most recent issue of Lucky, I am in love with this backless Rachel Roy dress (click on "dress" to shop it!). It's the perfect mix of sexy and sophisticated!


Loving Lately

Neon denim jeans are all the rage right now (if you haven't noticed since they are hard to miss!). Taking some inspiration from this seasons vibrant color trend, I am dedicating this Loving Lately post to all things  bright and cheery!

Happy Monday! 

{Georgetown Cupake (located in Soho) are just as tasty
 as they are pretty with the cutest baby pink boxes}

{DIY brown wrapping paper with neon
polka-dots. So clever and cute!} 

{"Lion Around" by Essie}

{#travelcolorfully board on Pinterest where I
found this eye-capturing shot}

{Ankle bracelets are back, ladies!}


Cupcakes and Cashmere

My absolute favorite blogger, Emily Schuman from Cupcakes and Cashmere (who inspired me to start my own blog), is getting married today! Do I know her personally? No - but I would be lying if I said I wasn't incredibly anxious to see how gorgeous every element of her wedding is going to be. Her taste is impeccable and having come from similar backgrounds (she started at Conde Nast), I feel I can relate to her on many levels - from style to home decor and more - I adore her on every level. #anxiouslyawaiting


Style, Love, and Rock 'N Roll

As most of you are aware, Coachella has become the hottest ticket across the country! Fashion brands and magazines alike have joined the band wagon, creating "Coachella Style Guides" and inspiring concert lovers (as well as non-concert lovers) to get the rock-n-roll, hippie-inspired look (which you all know I can't get enough of - thanks to my hippie-ish parents!) While I am majorly bummed I cannot attend this year (I am already slating it in for next), I adore this Free People March Lookbook that provides some major inspiration as well as the site's "Festival Looks"! In celebration of Coachella kicking off this Friday, here's to STYLE, LOVE and ROCK 'N ROLL!


Girl Gotta Gets

As we move into Spring, my goal is to re-organize my posts to provide more appeal to readers and keep you all coming back for more! While I currently have my signature LOVING LATELY post that showcases up to 5 random things I am currently loving (with links to purchase), I aim to weave in some more regular content (relating to home, food, fashion, travel, hot spots, work and more), creating a familiar atmosphere and engaging content that you guys can (hopefully) look forward to seeing on a consistent basis. 

To kick start this process, get used to seeing a weekly post entitled GIRL GOTTA GETS. Each week I will blog about one item that is, in my opinion, worth-wanting (and I assume that my new gig at Lucky will provide some major inspiration!)

This week, I found the perfect plate at Fishs Eddy. Ladies - you all know those moments when you are craving sweets or salt and you wish there was a big sign that said STOP RIGHT NOW? These plates = problem solved!


Cover Confessions

I just had to share the going away card (or should I say cover) that my AMAZING Bauer team created for me on my last day. Just the perfect farewell and a reminder of all of the wonderful friends and memories I made along the way. Now, on to new endeavors...