Recaps of my weekends away have been a majority of the content you have read on my blog  these past couple of months. Reason being is that I have been on the road each weekend, traveling to some, what I would describe as, desirable destinations that I find worth sharing with you! While I hope you have enjoyed the ride (no pun intended!), plan on seeing much more fashion, food, decor, and more as we move into Fall - but for now - here's to Vacationland.

I grew up camping in Maine (the states slogan is Vacationland) every summer and it's always been a special place from which I have many fond memories. Canoeing to uninhabited islands, watching sunsets from Cadillac Mountain, fresh lobsters, pristine (freezing cold!) water, seals hanging out on the rocks and the L.L. Bean Flagship store in Freeport are some of the things about this state that make it one of a kind. My family and I (including Grant) visited my brother in Portland, Maine a few weekends ago (my first time to this particular city), and once again, the state proved to be one of the most naturally gorgeous places on the east coast, complete with great food, music and art!

CHECK OUT MY PHOTO TOUR (including the G. Love concert, sunset sail, organic pizza, lobsters, and my amazing family!):


Designer Dreaming

During a recent trip to Bloomingdales, I, per usual, acted as though I was some wealthy upper east sider, browsing through the sections that I frankly, just can't afford. Haute Hippie, Elizabeth & James, Madison Marcus (I just LOVE that name!), Vince and Joie are just some of the brands that I leave the store dreaming about (literally). Recently, the #1 item that I am dying to add to my wardrobe is a chic tan leather jacket, and today, I found 'it'! This Joie piece is fitted and has just the right amount of feminine touch, without the frill.

Now more importantly, how do I (Queen of justifying everything I spend) rationalize this purchase? The NYC heat, again? I am moving to Hoboken and this is my last big purchase as a New Yorker? It's my Christmas + Birthday presents combined for the next 2 years? I don't have a car in the city, meaning I am SAVING all that money on insurance and gas?



Loving Lately

I hope you all survived the heat wave this past weekend! In an effort to escape the unbearable temperatures, I spent my days hopping around from one air conditioned building to the next - my apartment, Bloomys, Pottery Barn, Urban Outfitters, Gina La Fornarina. Not only is the heat causing bad hair days, cranky New Yorkers (some lovely lady screamed at me on the street today for accidentally bumping into her), and shiny skin - it's costing me money! (although, I do LOVE my new pair of Ralph Lauren stilettos).

As yet another summer weekend comes to an end and a busy work week begins, I leave you with a few things I am loving lately...

Eye Mask
{Yes, you may laugh, but I have the BEST nights sleep when I have my eye mask on, especially on summer mornings when the light shines in my window at 6 a.m. Trust me - you have to try it! You can get one here!}

eos lip balm
{95% organic, cute packaging and easy to apply! What's not to love? Purchase here!}

Hoboken Movie Night
Each Wednesday, for the duration of the summer, there is a FREE (yes, FREE!) outdoor movie screening on Pier A Park in Hoboken. With the Manhattan skyline in the background, a blanket and a bottle of wine, it's a perfect date night (with a special someone or with some friends!) Check out the schedule here.}

Stevia-Sweetened Ice Tea
{My friend's mom grows the stevia plant in her backyard. This natural sweetener is the most tasty and healthy alternative to sugar, Sweet N' Lo and any other artificial sweetener. If you don't have a garden like me, you can buy it pre-packaged at your local grocery store. It certainly doesn't look as organic in your iced tea, but it still tastes great!}

Clever Luggage Tags
{I love these personalized luggage tags with copy reading 'Not Worth Taking,' 'Not Your Bag,' 'Not Worth Stealing,' 'Hands Off,' 'Dirty Clothes Inside,' and 'My Clothes Won't Fit You.' Adorable! You can create your own here!}


Happy Eating!

Each summer, for the past 4 years that I have worked in publishing, I have anxiously awaited for the Vanity Fair Summer Guide to circulate through the email chain, from magazine to magazine. It was my go-to bible, providing the hottest events, outdoor bars and restaurants, concerts and more that the city had to offer, along with the ultimate summer playlist (I admit - I always need a little help in this department!)

While VF has noticeably taken a year off (not really sure why?!), Food Network Magazine has come to the rescue! Check out this insanely detailed (and thankfully very organized) guide to the best dining and drinking that NYC has to offer.

Click here: NYC Dining Guide 

P.S. Your welcome!


It's A Shore Thing

The Jersey Shore certainly has plenty of negative stereotypes and based on the content of the reality show, all for good reason. For those of you who think blow-outs, tans and constant confrontational 'situations', you are in for a treat. My experience in LBI (Long Beach Island, NJ) this past weekend far surpassed all of my expectations and rather than feeling like I was in guido/guidette-ville, I felt like I was in laid-back SoCal in a land of sun, sand and surfers. Life doesn't get much better than that!

Here are a few things about LBI that made me happy:

{Lifeguards (of course!)}

{Colorful plastic shades. I love Knockaround's and you can get them here.}

{Surf shops. Fun fact: LBI is the home of the first Ron Jon}

{Beach cruisers as a means of transportation EVERYWHERE!}

{Salt Water Taffy. A Jersey Shore staple! Learn how to make it yourself here}

{Quality beach time}

{Root Beer Floats}

{Vibrant surf suits and a beach brim}

{Ferris wheels}


The Scoop

While I was sitting on the beach this past weekend, of course enjoying the sun and my soon to be tan skin, I flipped open to an article in ELLE entitled 'BURN RATE' (figures!) If you read any fashion/beauty magazines, it's a given that each month multi-pages will be dedicated to preventing your skin from sun damage and cancer by staying out of the rays. It's something that we have all heard for years, but only begin to grasp as we transition into our later 20's (I have certainly traded in my baby oil for SPF 70 and a big floppy hat - it's worth the pain of being pale!)

But why is being tan so important to everyone? Why are people spending a fortune on a fake-and-bake or spray tan? Where did the trend start? 

Check out this fascinating fact!

"Coco Chanel is credited (or blamed, depending on your perspective) for inventing tanning. Legend has it she got accidentally broiled on a trip to the Riviera, and her fans, thinking everything she did was glamorous and chic, began roasting themselves in imitation"
- ELLE July 2011


Greenport Getaway

Summer is in full swing here in NYC and unfortunately I know this because the subway platform's are hotter than ever (yuck!) Need an idea for a quick (and inexpensive) weekend getaway? Head to Greenport! I spent my 4th of July weekend on the North Fork of Long Island in this quaint and picturesque town and totally fell in love. It is filled with old American charm and there are so many small-town joys to experience. A few that I found most appealing were the local Greenport Brewery (Greenport Beer is now sold in Shake Shack!), boutiques and antique shops, sailing, fresh ground coffee at Aldo's (not the shoe store), local lavender fields, farmers markets and over 40Wine Vineyards where you can sample some of the east coast's best wines!

Check out my photo tour!