Girls Day Out

I never had a sister. While my mom and I have a sister-like relationship,  I always envied the fact that she had 5 girls in her immediate family and often wondered what it would be like to grow up in that type of hormonal-overload household. There have been many women during the course my life whom have inspired me, challenged me and taught me valuable lessons - whether it be a boss, a friend, a family member, a classmate, or even a public figure - but the friendships that have grown into sister-like relationships are ones that I cherish most. 

Ashley Meyers is just that. Not only is she amazingly talented, creative (she helped design my blog!), and inspiring in every way - she is beautiful, genuine and strong with the biggest heart. 

Recently, we were overdue for a get-together so we made the absolute most of it. Take a look! 

{Il Buco Alimentari & Vineria for breakfast!}

{Bliss Soho for my first-ever Fabulous Facial.
{Marie Belle for lunch (we discovered that they have
a cute cafe in the back!}

{Finished off, of course, with come of Marie Belle's
signature chocolates that are  almost too pretty to eat!}

{Apotheke for pre-dinner drinks (known for specialty 
cocktails entitled 'prescriptions'  and a bar that 
resembles a lab with bartenders dressed in white 
lab coats.}
{Pulqueria (a trendy Mexican restaurant
in the heart of Chinatown) for dinner
 and some jicama margs!}


Sienna, Sienna, Sienna

In my book, Sienna Miller can do no wrong. In this months edition of Vogue UK, the sexy stunner wows us again! I love these whimsical shots (by Ryan McGinley) that bring to life the British stars free spirit style. How lucky are we that there is a Sienna mini-me on the way!? That will be one cute little hippie child - with a British accent (obsessed already!)



The months after college are intensely anxiety-driven for most, but for my super laid back brother, the stress didn't get to him in the slightest (where was that gene when I was born!?) While most of his friends expected him to head to NYC and work for ESPN (an opportunity most guys would dream of!), Riley, without contemplation, followed his heart to San Diego where he could live the life he had always dreamed of (surfing before/after work was his goal!)

The journey started out in RI where he bought a car, drove across the country with a friend (with no job or place to stay lined up), checked into a campsite for 2 weeks (here he would shower and dress for job interviews - no joke!), and had his ID stolen on the day he arrived. For most (including me), these circumstances would make you crazy and certainly lead to some major stress. But it didn't get to easy-going Riley.

His determination was more evident than ever and without any complaints in the world, he set out to find a home, his dream job and make some friends. In a few months he has accomplished all of that and so much more. I have never been prouder!

Today is Riley's birthday.  His always positive attitude, strength and laid-back nature shines through in every move he makes. I think everyone should incorporate a little more 'Riley' into their lives. The world would certainly be a happier place:)

Then (with the surfer bro hair!)



Conde Nast Calls

What a week (in a really really good way!) After a whirlwind of a process, I am officially headed back to 4 Times Square! I am joining forces with Lucky as the Integrated Marketing Manager working on American Fashion brands (yup - a wardrobe re-vamp is taking place as we speak & sky-high heels are back in the mix!)

I must admit, it's a bittersweet feeling to leave a team of people who have become like family (let's face it - we spend more time with our co-workers than our actual family & friends.) While I am thrilled, ready and so overly enthused to take on this new challenge and soak in all that Conde has to offer, I will certainly miss my amazing In Touch + Life&Style team whom I have the utmost respect for and have learned so much from.

As I head back to my training grounds (I started at Glamour), I feel so fortunate to have had so many incredible experiences during my career, and am looking forward to many more at Lucky! Bye-bye Bauer. Hello (again), Anna Wintour!


Lace Yourself

This time of year I always find it difficult to know what to wear. The non-consistent temperatures make it tough. I am seriously addicted (and have always been) to white lace  - from tops to dresses to shorts - I love them all! Grant likes to call it my doily collection (what do guys know?!) and I can't seem to rid the addiction of constantly updating my wardrobe with loads of lace! 

Since I have yet to get a nice tan, I have recently been pairing this H&M dress with a pair of colored tights. Of course, a cute hat or big sunglasses ads a stylish statement to any outfit. 


Photo Fab

I am loving this photo shoot by Nicolos Moore for Elle France featuring Behati Prinsloo (thanks Ash + Because I'm Addicted for posting!) This entails everything I love - hippie chic meets girly glam with a splash of retro! #obsessed


Summer Dreaming On Such A Winter's Day

The warm weather has finally made an appearance! The temps are supposed to reach close to 70 degrees in NYC today (ok friends on the west coast - that's warm for us east coasters.)  With our upcoming trip to SoCal only a month away and summer s.l.o.w.l.y. approaching, I have sun and sand on my mind and am so anxious to slip on my rainbows, a swim suit (well - this could be debated depending on the day!) and hit the beach. What a perfect prescription to reverse my Vitamin D deficiency and kick start a kick ass summer!


Cuteness Overload

I don't know about you guys, but this week has felt like an e.t.e.r.n.i.t.y! While it was a nice surprise to have some warm weather, I am so thankful that the weekend has (almost) arrived and am looking forward to staying local and relaxing with friends.  

That said, I felt like posting something cute and light-hearted today. For over a year now, my Facebook news feed has constantly been filled with engagement announcements and wedding pictures, but lately kids are slowly starting to make their way into the mix (does this mean I am getting old?!) I can't help but smile when I see these bundles of cuteness, so today is dedicated to some overwhelmingly adorable kiddos I found on Pinterest.

Happy Friday!


Then & Now: Home Edition

When I first moved into Grant's apt (whom he shared with our friend Kevin) it was a complete 'dude' hang out. Dark walls (maroon red walls with a yellow ceiling - not joking!), dirty counters, posters (hung with tacs) displayed across the walls and it permanently smelled like old pizza (okay - I may be exaggerating a bit, but having come from my adorable NYC apartment I was certain it needed a major makeover!) Born a visual perfectionist, especially when it comes to home decorating, this was not going to cut it. Our agreement upon moving in was that we paint and restore the place from frat(ernity) to fab(ulous) - and that's just what we did.

Here's a sneak peak at our living room BEFORE (MIDDLE) & AFTER. Decorating tips coming soon!


Rhode to R&R

There is something about visiting my parents in Rhode Island that feels so freeing. I am sure most of you can relate to the feeling of going home and transitioning back into the young, child-like, I-have-no-responsibility mindset. It doesn't happen often these days, but on the occasions it does it feels so good (and a part of me wishes life could just stay like this forever!) Visiting my parents is now more like visiting best friends, so this past weekend was spent in sweats, consuming lots of red wine and delicious food, and enjoying good conversation.

I never appreciated Rhode Island quite as much as I do now!

{Cuddling with cute little Bahia is the best!}

{Nothing gets better than wine and dinner by a
roaring fire!}

{Caught up on so much reading material! Half way 
through Fifty Shades of Grey. OMG! Once I am done 
this deserve it's very own post. Stay tuned.}
{Lot's of tea and talk-time with my mom!}

{Grant checking out the surf at Pilgrim before heading in.}


Loving Lately

Heading off to Rhode Island for the weekend (home state to fellow 2003 South Kingstown High School graduate, Erika Van Pelt, who is killing it on American Idol. VOTE!!) I am looking forward to the ocean air and some R&R with the fam. Subaru is packed (with surf boards, of course!) and my fancy ride awaits downstairs. I leave you with a few things I am loving lately!

{How sweet are these mugs? Perfect way to start the day!}

{Our (finally) complete picture wall above our couch,
filled with personal photos and art}

{Best Pinterest find yet! Hey, sometimes you
 just need someone to hold you and say it's going to be okay.

{Blake's boho-beachy side braid! Perfect summer style.}

{Frosting Shots for $1 - in NYC - Oh My!}