Simple Pleasures

This weekend was filled with so many moments that put a smile of my face and reminded me how much joy I get out of simple pleasures. Lately, a busy schedule and my knack for planning has gotten the best of me (hey - it happens!), so this past weekend I took a step back, a deep breath and appreciated all that was around me. 

As we enter the most celebratory (yet, hectic) month of the year, this was a very necessary weekend to kick off the holiday season!

{West Village holiday charm}
{Pretty wrapping paper that I found at Ikea!}

{Bringing home our tree!}

{Breakfast in bed from someone special:)}


Fall Feng Shui

Although it's snowing outside (in October!), I wanted to post in celebration of the Fall season, which unfortunately seems to be coming to end as we speak. This is truly my favorite time of year - filled with autumn scents, apple crisp, colorful leaves (which of course fall into leaf piles), big cozy sweaters (paired with my new J.Crew plaid scarf!) and boots. Last weekend we drove out to a farm in NJ where we picked fresh apples and a perfect pumpkin, adding a festive feng shui to our new apartment. While sipping on fresh hot apple cider, we took a tractor ride to the orchard/patch and thoroughly enjoyed the crisp sunny weather. Hopefully we get a few nice weekends in like this one before we have to start preparing for a (hopefully not-so-harsh) winter.


5 Things

It's been about 2 months since I last posted and for those of you who enjoyed my weekly updates...I am back at it! This past Sat/Sun was the first time since early May (no joke!) since I have been around the entire weekend with NOTHING to do except enjoy my favorite season in the city!  Here's what has been taking up my time:

{Moved out of my NYC apartment and to Hoboken with my boyfriend (we are still sleeping on a mattress on the floor - oh the joy of moving!)}

{Painting the new apartment (SIDE NOTE: home decor has now taken up my entire life - and bank account!)}

{Successfully executed In Touch's VMA after-party...solo (my team was stuck in NYC due to the hurricane!). Oh, hi Jen! (view from my room at the Sunset Tower Hotel)}

{Canada called}

{Wedding Season}

{Unpacking and settling in (let's hope I don't have to do this again for a while!)}


August 8

Happy Birthday to my handsome, compassionate, charming, and all-around extraordinary boyfriend. You have brought the utmost happiness to my life, inspire me in every way possible and believe in me no matter what. Words can't describe what a truly incredible person you are. I love you so much! 


SUPing with Dolphins

Check this out! This past weekend we were out in the ocean SUPing and a pod of 20+ dophins surrounded us. Truly one of the most surreal experiences I have ever had! Of course, the only decent shot was of Grant, and it still doesn't explain how spectacular this moment was. I must say, thank goodness 'Shark Week' started AFTER this!


Take Note

I am extremely picky when it comes to cards, and must admit, I take a lot of pride in the ones I send. I probably average about 30 minutes in the card aisle per visit to Papyrus, Kate's Paperie or Target, opening each and every one that looks decent until I find the perfect (non-cheesy) message.  I genuinely love giving personal, handwritten notes to the people I love. Whether it's Grant, family or friends, I always like to let them know how much I care and how incredible I think they are (in the chicest possible way, of course!)

A few cards/notes that I am currently loving are:
{Sweet Nothing notes}

{Colorful Pantone note cards}
{Polaroid note cards}
{Kate Spade 'All Occasion' notes (so organized!)}

{Kate Spade stationary (all of it!)}
{New York themed stationary}



Recaps of my weekends away have been a majority of the content you have read on my blog  these past couple of months. Reason being is that I have been on the road each weekend, traveling to some, what I would describe as, desirable destinations that I find worth sharing with you! While I hope you have enjoyed the ride (no pun intended!), plan on seeing much more fashion, food, decor, and more as we move into Fall - but for now - here's to Vacationland.

I grew up camping in Maine (the states slogan is Vacationland) every summer and it's always been a special place from which I have many fond memories. Canoeing to uninhabited islands, watching sunsets from Cadillac Mountain, fresh lobsters, pristine (freezing cold!) water, seals hanging out on the rocks and the L.L. Bean Flagship store in Freeport are some of the things about this state that make it one of a kind. My family and I (including Grant) visited my brother in Portland, Maine a few weekends ago (my first time to this particular city), and once again, the state proved to be one of the most naturally gorgeous places on the east coast, complete with great food, music and art!

CHECK OUT MY PHOTO TOUR (including the G. Love concert, sunset sail, organic pizza, lobsters, and my amazing family!):