Girl Gotta Gets

As we move into Spring, my goal is to re-organize my posts to provide more appeal to readers and keep you all coming back for more! While I currently have my signature LOVING LATELY post that showcases up to 5 random things I am currently loving (with links to purchase), I aim to weave in some more regular content (relating to home, food, fashion, travel, hot spots, work and more), creating a familiar atmosphere and engaging content that you guys can (hopefully) look forward to seeing on a consistent basis. 

To kick start this process, get used to seeing a weekly post entitled GIRL GOTTA GETS. Each week I will blog about one item that is, in my opinion, worth-wanting (and I assume that my new gig at Lucky will provide some major inspiration!)

This week, I found the perfect plate at Fishs Eddy. Ladies - you all know those moments when you are craving sweets or salt and you wish there was a big sign that said STOP RIGHT NOW? These plates = problem solved!

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