Birthday Blessings

Every year on my birthday, I am always blown away by the overwhelming amount of loving messages I receive from family and friends. This year was no different and in fact, it was one of my best birthdays yet! For all of the people who made it so special (you know who you are), I thank you. 

Here are a few (extremely appreciated) birthday tokens that I couldn't help but share, including a touching poem from the ever-so-talented, one-of-a-kind, Meg Chappell. 

At my Mexican-themed birthday party (a long time ago!)

There once was a girl named Kelsey,
who shared a positive outlook on life.
With her flowy dresses and spunky blog,
she used pinterest to play pretend "wife"!
With a sweet tooth the size of China
And a heart as real as the sky;
She cherishes her family and friends
and likes to "SUP" with her charming guy!
Passionate, genuine and ambitious
are just some words that come to mind;
and when speaking of interior decor,
there's no better girl to find.
As she celebrates her 27th year
with a vivacious spirit and warm embrace,
I am excited to be along for the road
as she encounters this year's journey with grace!

I love everything about this card!

My very own, very cool, Stand Up Paddle Board!

Beautiful turquoise earrings!

Surprise birthday wishes from Lucky Magazine!

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