31 years, 13 reasons

Happy 31st wedding anniversary to my wonderful parents (a day late!) It's incredible that my parents are still married – better yet, happily married — and even better, one of the most in love couples I know (young and old).

With divorce rate (very sadly) at 50%, their love story is one in a million and I am lucky to be such a significant part of their journey.

In celebration of their love for one another, I have listed 13 things in their 31 years that I have witnessed as being key to their happy, long lasting relationship. Take a look (and take note!)

1.  Love that lights up room (their chemistry is contagious)
2.  Respect (they are each others biggest fans)
3.  Laughter (they find humor throughout all of life's challenges)
4.  Romance (my dad writes my moms poems)
5.  Best friends (they are each others confidants)
6.  Let the little things go (they focus their energy on the important matters)
7.  Simple pleasures (they get joy out of the small things, like their "fireside chats")
8.  Adventure (they love to travel and open their minds to new cultures and experiences)
9.  Music (my dad plays the guitar - enough said)
10. Smart (they keep up on the news and politics and discuss what's going on the world)
11. Family (it's what they cherish most)
12. Money doesn't buy happiness (my mom doesn't have a diamond ring — and doesn't care)
13. Independence (they are independently successful, both with great careers and friends)

Love you guys!

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