A Blank Canvas

Last week I attended an incredibly inspiring event at Patagonia Soho where Mercedes Maidana, a professional big wave surfer who resides on the North Shore of Hawaii, spoke about her rise to success. Her passion and determination was contagious and she lit up the room with her excitement for the sport and more importantly, for life.

Her journey began at 21 when she asked herself, "If my life was a blank canvas and I could paint a picture, what would it be?" Despite the fact that it was an unconventional career path and many raised eyebrows, she chose big wave surfing. Why? "I have to love it more than I fear it."

What words! It made me think.

What would I paint if my life was a blank canvas? If I could let my passions 100% lead me without my fears getting in the way and ignore society rolling their eyes at me, what would I do with my life? 

I thought….and I thought…and I thought….and I thought and I realized that I JUST DON'T KNOW! (new goal = figure it out)

It's not often that people choose to live the life they want rather the life they have been raised to think that they should want (and don't forget, it is your choice and your journey!) 

So, how would you paint your picture?

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  1. Thanks for the write up, Kelsie. I'm glad that the talk inspired you to ask yourself questions. Keep searching. The answer lies inside.