DIY: Oscar Party

Working for celebrity weekly magazines (In Touch + Life&Style), we take award show season very seriously, and of course, the Oscars called for a celebration! For the past week, my team and I have worked diligently to prepare an A-list Oscar Party leading up to Hollywood's most buzzed about night of the year. Take a look at Friday's festivities!

Hosting your very own Oscar Party this Sunday? Check out my tips for hosting a star-worthy soiree.

Create custom invitations  + 
ballots inspired by real Oscar invitations.

Design or purchase a faux Oscar statue and display  
vintage popcorn buckets (sold for $1/piece herechock 
full of the salty snack. I recommend popcorn from here

Treat guests to festive cupcakes or cookies.
Each of these have an iconic movie quote stamped 
on them. Totally obsessed! Purchase here.

Eleni's cupcakes come in a box of 12. A little pricey, but
 they are so worth the look (and taste!)

Toast to the most glamorous night in Tinseltown! 
Purchase an inexpensive bottle of champagne and create
 custom labels with copy that plays off of Oscar lingo.

Don't forget to give the beer drinkers some love!
Purchase a faux red carpet here, and use
 it as a table runner. Sprinkle gold stars confetti
across the table to add some glitz and glamour!
A paparazzi wall (seen here on the back of our 
conference room door) allows guests to pose 
like their favorite celeb as they enter the party!
Festive decorations may include cutouts of 
clapboards, movie reels, movie cameras, 
movie posters and more!


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