A Ski Town with Soul

A guy we met on the chairlift said it best. "Telluride (compared to the Aspen's, Park City's and Vail's of the country) is a ski town with soul." I couldn't agree more. After less than a day in Colorado's San Juan mountains, also home to Ralph Lauren's 25,000 acre estate (if you saw him on Oprah, you can understand the 'wow' factor), I was in love. So much so I still contemplate how I could make a living if I moved there? The aesthetically gorgeous landscape and downtown (so breath-taking, I felt like I was on a movie set) paired with over-friendly folks, restaurants glowing with roaring fire places and rustic character, unexpectedly delicious food + cocktails, great skiing (and of course apres skiing), and the fact that we had to take a gondola to get to/from the town at night, put this quaint ski town on the top of my list as one of my favorite (most romantic) places I have ever been.

Oh The Places You (Should) Go: The Chop House, The Sheridan Hotel Bar, Allreds, Al Pino Vino, There, Siam, Tom Boy Tavern, 221 South Oak

Take a look for yourself!

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