Rhode to R&R

There is something about visiting my parents in Rhode Island that feels so freeing. I am sure most of you can relate to the feeling of going home and transitioning back into the young, child-like, I-have-no-responsibility mindset. It doesn't happen often these days, but on the occasions it does it feels so good (and a part of me wishes life could just stay like this forever!) Visiting my parents is now more like visiting best friends, so this past weekend was spent in sweats, consuming lots of red wine and delicious food, and enjoying good conversation.

I never appreciated Rhode Island quite as much as I do now!

{Cuddling with cute little Bahia is the best!}

{Nothing gets better than wine and dinner by a
roaring fire!}

{Caught up on so much reading material! Half way 
through Fifty Shades of Grey. OMG! Once I am done 
this deserve it's very own post. Stay tuned.}
{Lot's of tea and talk-time with my mom!}

{Grant checking out the surf at Pilgrim before heading in.}

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