The months after college are intensely anxiety-driven for most, but for my super laid back brother, the stress didn't get to him in the slightest (where was that gene when I was born!?) While most of his friends expected him to head to NYC and work for ESPN (an opportunity most guys would dream of!), Riley, without contemplation, followed his heart to San Diego where he could live the life he had always dreamed of (surfing before/after work was his goal!)

The journey started out in RI where he bought a car, drove across the country with a friend (with no job or place to stay lined up), checked into a campsite for 2 weeks (here he would shower and dress for job interviews - no joke!), and had his ID stolen on the day he arrived. For most (including me), these circumstances would make you crazy and certainly lead to some major stress. But it didn't get to easy-going Riley.

His determination was more evident than ever and without any complaints in the world, he set out to find a home, his dream job and make some friends. In a few months he has accomplished all of that and so much more. I have never been prouder!

Today is Riley's birthday.  His always positive attitude, strength and laid-back nature shines through in every move he makes. I think everyone should incorporate a little more 'Riley' into their lives. The world would certainly be a happier place:)

Then (with the surfer bro hair!)


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