Designer Dreaming

During a recent trip to Bloomingdales, I, per usual, acted as though I was some wealthy upper east sider, browsing through the sections that I frankly, just can't afford. Haute Hippie, Elizabeth & James, Madison Marcus (I just LOVE that name!), Vince and Joie are just some of the brands that I leave the store dreaming about (literally). Recently, the #1 item that I am dying to add to my wardrobe is a chic tan leather jacket, and today, I found 'it'! This Joie piece is fitted and has just the right amount of feminine touch, without the frill.

Now more importantly, how do I (Queen of justifying everything I spend) rationalize this purchase? The NYC heat, again? I am moving to Hoboken and this is my last big purchase as a New Yorker? It's my Christmas + Birthday presents combined for the next 2 years? I don't have a car in the city, meaning I am SAVING all that money on insurance and gas?


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  1. yes, all of those!! Love this jacket and LOVE Joie