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While I was sitting on the beach this past weekend, of course enjoying the sun and my soon to be tan skin, I flipped open to an article in ELLE entitled 'BURN RATE' (figures!) If you read any fashion/beauty magazines, it's a given that each month multi-pages will be dedicated to preventing your skin from sun damage and cancer by staying out of the rays. It's something that we have all heard for years, but only begin to grasp as we transition into our later 20's (I have certainly traded in my baby oil for SPF 70 and a big floppy hat - it's worth the pain of being pale!)

But why is being tan so important to everyone? Why are people spending a fortune on a fake-and-bake or spray tan? Where did the trend start? 

Check out this fascinating fact!

"Coco Chanel is credited (or blamed, depending on your perspective) for inventing tanning. Legend has it she got accidentally broiled on a trip to the Riviera, and her fans, thinking everything she did was glamorous and chic, began roasting themselves in imitation"
- ELLE July 2011

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