Reasonable Resolutions

    {Our New Years card. Photo taken by me in Hoboken. Design compliments of Ashley Meyers.}

2011 was filled with many great memories thanks to my wonderful family, great friends and kick-ass team at work! From traveling to Cali, Kauai, Canada, and more to moving to Hoboken and finally having all of my stuff in ONE (emphasis on the ONE!) location (not to mention having one cute roomie), it’s been a great year!

Of course, this is when setting goals for 2012 is upon us. To be quite honest, I don’t usually like committing to any insane resolutions, since more often times than not, I let myself down (which I imagine is quite common). This year, I will not commit to losing insane amounts of weight or tell myself that I will travel to exotic places across the world that are frankly unrealistic at the moment (my close friends know that I am guilty of this often). Instead, I will be a bit more reasonable in my expectations that I set for myself. This year I vow to listen to my mom who embraces the saying, 'Be Kind to Yourself.'

My TOP 10 Reasonable Resolutions for 2012:
(1) Drink more water (I can never seem to drink enough)
(2) Update my blog more frequently (top priority!!)
(3) Read MANY more books (and finish them)
(4) Shop less (and save more)
(5) Work on many creative projects
(6) Take the photography class I have had my eye on
(7) Participate in some type of charitable work 
(8) Continue on my caffeine-free craze (I feel great!)
(9) Eat less dessert (this may be the hardest of them all...)
(10) Get my own SUP!!!

Resolutions or not, the possibilities for 2012 are endless...

Peace, love and joy to all in the New Year!


  1. I'm a fan of #6, you've got so much talent with a camera in your hands!! And I can't say I hate #10 either :)

  2. Thanks Rye! May need some help with #10!!