New York Nights

The thing I love about NYC is that it offers such a variety of unique activities AND is home to more restaurants than you could possibly eat at in a lifetime. While I certainly have my go-to spots, I really try to mix up my routine and soak in as many new experiences as I can. This week, I discovered a cozy new restaurant (perfect for a cold winter night with a date or friends) and one of the most intriguing, interactive, mind-bending plays I have ever seen (which I highly recommend getting tickets to before it's gone!)

{BACARO. http://bacaronyc.com. Great cocktails, delicious food, romantic rustic atmosphere}

{SLEEP NO MORE. Inspired by Macbeth, part of the interactive play involves everyone wearing these masks (seen on me) as they wander around a Chelsea warehouse-turned hotel, trying to make sense of the acts they witness. Confused? Go check it out and you will understand...http://sleepnomorenyc.com/}