SUP into Summer

I was first introduced to Stand Up Paddling a year ago in Hawaii. While I had seen photos of a whole array of celebrities sampling the sport in the pages of a magazine, I was not very familiar with this form of surfing. I grew up with a dad and brother who surf all year round, and while I have attempted it a handful of times, I find it a bit intimidating to be way out in the ocean trying to catch a wave without hitting one of the surfer 'dudes' (or my bikini flying off!) Enter SUP!

After my first experience on a SUP, I became an instant fan. Stand Up Paddling is easier to learn and within an hour you can become very comfortable. Waves or not, you can enjoy this exercise on any body of water.

Grant and I are huge advocates of this modern sport and are out on the water every chance we get. Look out New Yorker's! You just may spot Grant SUPing on the Hudson at 6 a.m. Why? On August 12th, he will be embarking on a 26.5 mile Stand Up Paddle around the island of Manhattan to help raise money and awareness for autism. If you would like to join forces with him and participate in the fundraising efforts, please click on the link below. We are so thankful for your support!


Check us out SUPing it up!
{Tuckertown Pond, RI}
{Check out my inflatable SUP (Thanks Erik!)}
{SUP couple}
{Grant getting a tan!} 
{Stand Up Paddle yoga}
{Beachin' it mid SUP}
{Deep Hole, RI}
{Ocean SUP}
{Attempting to catch a very small wave - still fell!}
{Stand Up Paddle surfing}
{Tired after a long days SUP}
{Greenport, Long Island}

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