The Small Things

This past weekend I was home in The Ocean State (Rhode Island to those of you who haven't seen our wave-themed license plates) to celebrate Father's Day with my amazing dad! Throughout the years, my dad has taught me so many valuable life lessons and for that I am truly thankful. One of the many qualities about my dad that never ceases to amaze me is his true, genuine appreciation (or should I say uncanny excitement) for the little things in life. Whether it is a flower that just bloomed, a hummingbird that passed him by, or a great wave that he caught surfing, it's the small moments that make him smile. He leads a simple life, focuses his energy on simple pleasures and is one of the happiest people I know. TAKE NOTE EVERYONE! While we often times let these moments pass us by because life is just too busy or too stressful (trust me - I am guilty of this on many occasions), I encourage you to think of my dad, take a step back from your own chaos and appreciate what is right in front of you. 

We celebrated Father's Day Strickmon-style! Here's to some of the little things that my dad loves and we enjoyed together over the weekend.

{Family (this pic is of my dad and I years ago)}
{Painting in the backyard}
{Homemade Guacamole and a delicious Caipirinha - word is that this Brazilian specialty will be the official drink of the 2014 World Cup! Check out how to make this sweet summer cocktail here!}
{Playing guitar}

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