Hello hot weather...

It's no surprise that NYC is about to reach record highs starting tomorrow. June 8th (my birthday) may be the conclusion to yet another 365 days of my life, but, year after year, it's always the beginning of hot (semi-unbearable) temperatures! Summertime in the city can get pretty brutal (I know all of you New Yorker's agree!), so I am looking forward to weekends at the beach. Some must-have necessities that I will definitely be packing are:

 {Tie-dye dresses and shirts like this one on Kate Bosworth}

 {Big, colorful sunglasses}

 {Turquoise jewelry}

{A big floppy hat and lot's of striped, nautical-looking tees}

{Oversized rings}

{TOMS Shoes}

{My Camera(s), of course}

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